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tvd 3.13 "bringing out the dead" aka filler ep but oreo cookie filler so it doesn't get any better

Look I'm sure people will be lining up to call this the "Matt/Elena eventual endgame episode", but to that I say, SHE IS ALREADY MARRIED TO RIC. Matt Davis confirmed it's forever and Elena called him family twice. Then this happened:

Suck on that. /puts fingers in ears. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA.

Okay no for serious. (I was being serious about wanting that endgame though.)

  • STEFAN WAS SUCH A WONDERFUL, LOVELY, MOODY LITTLE PRICK TONIGHT aka Stefan/Elena. The Logical Douche is my new name for him. He just needs the truth to cut ya.

    "Did you ask Damon if he killed anyone lately?"

    My face, there's no gif for it. Equal parts amused and outraged. Touché, asshole. Because for true, that was such an asshole thing to say, but for its truth: Elena has flipped her standards for Stefan and Damon, and even though she had to ask, that's the point. She had to ask.

    Because in more logic-land times, Stefan should not get to kill and act out and then be a turnaround prick about someone suspecting him of, I don't know, his actual behavior. Not to mention Damon and Stefan were the ones that built these standards of themselves for her; what is she supposed to do? Damon and Stefan define themselves in her eyes, despite and sometimes because her notions of them (for better or worse, for white hat or villain) and though the roles have been somewhat shifted, it's still the same old song. Elena's face after he asked was so priceless: she knows all of this so painfully. She's in love with two brothers who are capable of atrocities. And still, she asks Stefan and not Damon, because she has to. This picture has been painted for her. They hold the brushes, not her: they are who they choose to be, how they define themselves.

    So, basically. Fuck you, Stefan. I tip my hat to your new douche-based logic. And then I bitch-slap with it.

  • Elijah's hair is amazing. I want to lick it. It looks like ice cream?

  • CAROLINE FORBES, I LOVE YOU plus /Elena, /her daddy issues.

    Bill sticking to his beliefs about vampirism and deciding to die was really respectable (wow, I just said that of Bill Forbes, the man who tortured his daughter) and heartbreaking at the same time. How alone Caroline must feel, you know? She doesn't really have anyone for her eternity, and the prospect of maybe having her dad with her... that if he turned with her, it would mean acceptance and never being alone.

    I'm glad the way it all ended up. Caroline needed that, despite how angry and lonely and rejected it must make her feel, must make anyone feel, sometimes. She needed that closure with her dad, and to really know he loves and believes in her above all else, even if he can't take her path too.

    Caroline and Elena on the porch had me crying buckets. These two, I love their friendship more than any other girl-girl friendship on the show (not that there's a lot of that but) and it was just a really beautiful scene about loss and grief and support. Sometimes, all you need is to be listened to and comforted, and you can only really get that kind of support from a best friend, sometimes.

    Kind of feeling a little bit of Caroline/Matt suddenly.

  • Bonnie putting her foot down and just flat out telling her mom to help... You go, girl. She always has her eye on what needs to be done even in the midst of pain. She uses and channels it. She's always so strong and unyielding. GOD I LOVE BONNIE BENNETT. I love all the things she chooses to be, because it's her choice. She didn't want to be a witch, she doesn't like it, but she doesn't fight it, either. She does it, because it's what's right. More than that, she owns it.

  • Gosh, my brain is already fizzling out, but BROTHERS NOW.

    Let's put this best: their mouths say they love Elena, but their eyes say, "I love you more." (thanks boggie)

    Kind of so pissed they changed the name of the original doppelicious. :( Charlotte, come baaaack. But really it just makes sense. A viking villager named Charlotte. Oh ha, no. Let's not get too crazy, TVD, like that time vikings settled in Mystic Falls at all. ANYWHO, back to brothers:

    LOLLING LIKE CRAZY over Damon enforcing table manners on his little bro proper. I used to do this to my little sister all the time because she could be so cranky and impolite. Have I mentioned I was beside myself that half of the episode had two pairs of brothers in EVERY SCENE? God this is all over the place. Must bring it in.

    The family > everything and bros before hos thing was so heavy handed this episode - kind of just how I like it, and kind of just how Klaus and Elijah roll, apparently? I don't know, what the fuck is there to say besides everyone at that dinner table should have incestuous sex and invite their issues to come play?

    idk idk but I loved it and all the truths about what's important and how they need to get over themselves and how Elena is better off making babies with Matt (WITH MATT! MY SHIPPER HEART!) and if they stick around she'll probably die one way or another.

    Damon's face. He knows it too. He feels so close to being loved by someone he wants, even though lord knows he sabotages everything and/or knows Elena doesn't deserve the burden of his love. (But if she wants it, how can he refuse? He's okay with being an abomination with her.) She kisses him back and now someone shoves the ever-present but unspoken-until-now reality of the fact: Elena is better off without him. FUCK ME IN THE EAR.

    Meanwhile Stefan can give no fucks and is being prissy and jelly, but deep down he hears the truth of it. He is just entirely too douchey and arrogant and living up his ass to face the fact of it. HIM AND KLAUS AND THEIR BREAK UP THOUGH, I LOVE IT. (There I go, changing subjects again.) WANT A DRINK? Klaus asks. Stefan looks at him and says not with you, die in a fire that I'll set.

    Also my favorite new original is Finn because he's actually Russel Brand. (Or was daggered in the 80s, either one.)

  • I want a spin-off the originals. MAMA ORIGINAL, I KIND OF HATE YOUR FACE BUT I LOVED ALL THE THINGS YOU BROUGHT TO THIS EPISODE. KLAAAAAUUUUUS KLAAAAAUUUUUS. A thousand years of keeping your mommy in a coffin because you thought she'd kill you for what you did.

    "You are my son, Niklaus. I'm here to forgive you."


    This episode was all about ~*~ THE RIGHT THING ~*~. Bill with his beliefs, Esther with her forgiveness, Elijah undaggering his family (REBEKAH!), Stefan/Damon with their eyesexing.

  • Last and most closest to my heart (after Damon/Stefan) ELENA GILBERT /Matt, /family.

    Uhm. Flawless? Kay, done.

    No, but really. There for Ric, questioning Stefan, there for Caroline, killing Ric to save him, asking Matt to stay with her, all the fucking things- /dies.

    I really am losing my brain cells here, but I got a meta hard-on when Elena took the knife and drove it into Ric's chest. All these years the people she loves have been dying because of her and only now she's holding the knife, and it's killing Ric to save him, to save her family.

    Says something about Elena and what she'll do to save who loves and hold onto them. Not to mention about her finally accepting what and who she is now ("I'm the doppelgänger") and finally accepting loss to welcome life. MATT HOLDS HER WHEN RIC'S DEAD, I'M DYING. The comfort and support of humanity and the acceptance of who she's becoming and who she was, all in Matt's arms. PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, ALL OF IT.

  • Damon's reaction to Elena shacking it up with Matt Donovan? was so precious. No but she should.
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