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tvd 3.11 "our town" aka what am i supposed to do with my life right now guys

LIKE THE BEST. EPISODE. THIS SEASON. What didn't this episode have that I have wanted forever? And then something I've had in my roleplay/writing/tumblr life for months and now suddenly is canon WHAT EVEN OMG I'M HEAD TILTING SO HARD MY HEAD IS ON MY SHOULDER. HOLY CRAP.

q: guess who's aladdin and who is jasmine in this episode?
a: klaus and caroline



Since when does The Vampire Diaries hand ships over on a silver platter. SHOULD I BE WARY OF THIS DELECTABLE, FORBIDDEN, PROMISES-TO-BE-DARK-AND-BEAUTIFUL APPLE? (that will surely overripe itself and end in blood and grisly death of yumminess) WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

Everything clearly worked out like Klaus wanted; what's his angle here? (He obviously has an angle here. WHATISIT. Getting back at Tyler?) Does Caroline remind Klaus of Rebekah? And himself? GUYS HE TOLD CAROLINE THAT HE'S THOUGHT OF KILLING HIMSELF ONCE OR TWICE? Suckerfuckingpunch my heart, assholes. Of course he has. Okay, I'm calming down.

  • KLAUS AND CAROLINE (fuck me sideways, that's an actual heading) Okay so we've all known for awhile Klaus was getting a new love interest and I sort of laughed over it and wanted it to be/knew it wouldn't be/imagined it to be Caroline anyhow. And now it... is? So I'm not quite sure how to go about looking at this scene without that lens, but. S-so much potential right here.

    Let's go over this. He had Tyler bite Caroline to get Liz in his pocket. He told Caroline all about the shining, shimmering, splendid world of living forever and seeing real beauty and finding the desire to live when you're thinking, what's the point? He gave her a diamond bracelet. I-I don't.

    Joseph Morgan's portrayal of Klaus continues to wow and amaze me, and this is related. I can never quite tell when Klaus is being genuine or pretending to be and that's the big point: Klaus isn't quite sure when he's being genuine or not, or he's both, sometimes a little more or less; who's keeping track? (No one is, because no one cares about him. Aye, there's the rub.)

    But there was something truly genuine about this scene. He constructed this entire thing to serve a purpose, and still this happens:

    Klaus: I could let you die. If that’s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I’ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music… genuine beauty. And you can have all of it. you can have a thousand more birthdays. All you have to do is ask.
    Caroline: I don’t want to die.
    Klaus: There you go, sweetheart. Have at it. Happy birthday, Caroline.

    I love that he goes through this all: telling her all these little secrets so she asks. Klaus is a control freak; this is true. Tell me if this is just my Klaus/Caroline lens here, but there was mutual curiosity forming here? Caroline, because here is this girl, freshly turned, who constantly feels alone ("I'm never the one") and hates what she's become because other people can't accept her -- she places a lot of her value on that. Wow, sounds familiar, right? And here's Klaus, trying to build an army of hybrids because he's lonely, and sometimes he can get moody and dagger his family, and no one accepts him for the monster he's become? Yet a thousand years later he's still existing, fighting to exist, fighting to be content.

    Oh god, it's just horrible and terrifying and wonderful. I don't understand what angle Klaus is playing here, leaving her that bracelet. Grooming her to be his new Rebekah? Gosh I really want that to be it. (Maybe if I laugh about it and believe it will never happen, it'll be true.)

    #I just love how he flicks her bracelet #you know he's totally thinking like where did she get this piece of shit? I need to get her something a billion times more amazing #brb going to tiffanys

    tags not mine ok but still so relevant

  • STEFAN AND ELENA (wow) That was beautiful. Apparently I have a twisted definition of beautiful, but it was. I was physically sick to my stomach watching Stefan do that to her, drag her so awfully and horribly into his self-destruction. That he would even threaten to make her a vampire by driving her off the bridge because he is one sick fuck (making that man drink his sister's blood in to 20's, laughing about it?) and knows how to dig the knife.

    His road to self-destruction is killing me. That he thought he lost Elena the moment he left and she hasn't seen it yet? Of course. He lost all his worth the moment he killed someone innocent and enjoyed it again. But he didn't lose Elena, which is the entirely heartbreaking part. Because she held on and held on and held on and would forgive him anything -- still probably can. She will always love him, guys. ALWAYS.

    Elena's "You had me!" didn't lose any of its resonance even though I saw gifs of it on tumblr. (tumblr x( why you spoil me) And she knows. She knows Stefan just wants to make her hate him, just wants to destroy himself, but all he's accomplishing is hurting her at this point. Hurting her in ways that are simply just cruel. (When she reminded him he saved her, my heart ripped in like fucking eighteen different places.)

    You poor fucked up lovebirds. You assholes.

  • BONNIE/CAROLINE/MATT/ELENA (best friends forever) I was just so glad Bonnie, Caroline, Elena, and Matt hung out. All the little references to their from-the-sandbox lives were sort of rainbow-vomiting material.

    GO BONNIE BENNET. When she called Elena out, I was :o because damn. Harsh, like Bonnie does. And true, like Bonnie does. (I just in general also love the show calling out compulsion as taking choices and agency away in no uncertain terms. FINALLY, WTF.) Yet again, she's Team Elena all the way in the end though. Ffff, these girls. Choosing the wrong thing because they love each other and because they love Jeremy.

    Can I say I love drunk Elena? I love drunk Elena. I also love that Matt and Elena flirt and spark. I love that in the midst of falling in love with vampires, Elena turns to Matt and flirts with him. Because he is normal and sweet and a little bit hers, for always.

    The scene on the bridge -- that she called Matt -- for the love of Klaus, oh my stars. What are words. All I have are emotions. That Matt -- normal Matt who hates all this and feels stuck -- likes the girl she's becoming, that Elena admits she's stuck too and has been holding onto the girl that should have died (survivor's guilt, hello how are you) and she feels like she's disappointing that girl and her parents by being who she is, as always, just her entire existence of being the center of such supernatural madness she can't control because she was just born this way~ and how uncontrollable her feelings are for all the dark things in her life. Hnn.

    That an episode with a birthday was about death and letting go and moving on was so poetically wonderful just really hit a perfect note.

  • DAMON AND ELENA (because this ship sails strongest when they don't see each other the entire episode and instead constantly think about the other and inquire after each other at every chance) HELLO, I LOVE YOU IDIOTS.

    Maybe I should just leave this to ever_neutral to give my feelings thoughts but I'll stab at it.

    Elena: You can't kiss me again.
    Damon: I know.
    Elena: I can't. It's not right.
    Damon: It's right. It's just not right now.

    What this gif set fails to show

    ah, there we go
    is Elena's incredulous look afterwards. She's all wait what? when was this right at any point in time? but last night it was wrong YOU SAID THAT what the hell changed, this isn't supposed to be right. DAMON, WE AGREED. Which they did, and then Damon changed his mind while showering chipperly that morning? Or perhaps when she kissed him back.

    Which leads me to the conclusion that this is not about Stefan, this wrongness. Not anymore. (Of course not; she's not with Stefan. She is not his brother's girl.) (Although it's a little about Stefan, because she still loves his self-destructive ass. Even though he's kind of an ass, it's true. Although it's a nice ass. Kinda boney for my taste though. Damon's ass is nicer, sorry.)

    This is about because they agreed it was wrong. And frankly, it's always been wrong to Elena. Because she loves Stefan, because she was with Stefan, because it's Damon and she doesn't want to love Damon too, because she doesn't want to be with Damon. It's terrifying for her. It's not the feelings or actions of the girl she wants to be: the girl she doesn't want to disappoint.

    I would like to believe Elena is on her way to come to terms with this "wrongness" on the bridge later, with Matt. I guess we'll see.

  • Was there more in this episode?

    - I like this Meredith Fell character. I don't think she killed her lanky dickhead prom date because it's too obvious, but what do I know?
    - Bye, Jeremy. :'( I think you know you were compelled but not really but you do.
    - THE DECONSTRUCTION OF THIS SWITCH BUSINESS IS GREAT, I LOVE IT. EVERYONE'S SWITCH IS FRIED. DAMON'S, STEFAN'S, EVERYONE'SSSSSSS. There is no freaking switch, get it through your thick vampire skulls, you morons.

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